A art and fashion stamping app toy with a character inspired by broccoli as a tool for playing the game. REMARK Finalist of My Toy Design Competition 2014-2015
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Eco-stamping Veggie Broky saving more ink than traditional stamping and it is a sustainable design that allows kids to download updated stamp pattern so that they don’t need to put so many physical stamp at home. Home digital technology Printer is a hardware that almost every family has one nowadays. The trend of app toy is to bring things from virtual to real. After children created their stamping/drawing art in tablet, they can print it out to make it into real clothes for the toy figure, Broky. For kid aged <5 This toy includes stamping, dressing up, printing, cutting (plastic scissors) and folding. Kids can learn sharps through playing and nurture their aesthetic. The cutting and folding part are especially efficient for training kids’ finger to control. From art to clothes To increase kids’ interest in art and shape, it would be better if their can make something by using their own art pieces. In this way, they can easier to get compliment from other so that they will be more active to learn.