A stroller can be change into four modes, included stroller, walking car, tricycle and baby carrier, in order to adapt the various needs of toddlers in different stages. REMARK The team : Erica Yip & Darlie Lau 2013 Perspective Awards - Certificate of Excellence
2013 Hong Kong Polytechnic University Annual Show Best of the show (HD-DIP PIT)
BACKGROUND When people have children they need to buy a lot of equipment such as a stroller, cot, a baby carrier and toys to stimulate the baby. Often this equipment is expensive but only used for a few months, as babies need change as they grow, so there is a potential market. An easy-transformed stroller can be changed into four different statues to save parents’ money and the living space. The body of the stroller can also be a walking car and a tricycle. We also need to concern the situation after parents fold the stroller, so the seat is also a baby carrier to convenient users wholly.